Windhover was recorded in the lockdowns of 2020/2021.

As a result Jeremy provides all the voices and instruments himself. He plays guitar(s) double bass, bass guitar, hand harmonium, keyboards, viola and percussion. With the exception of two songs (Brea Hill and Alessia’s song) he wrote eight of the songs in lockdown and worked up arrangements of two traditional songs during the same period. Again, because of lockdown, he mixed the CD himself.

The songs:

  • Alessia’s song and Wrap your arms around us world (song for Eve) are about, or for, two beautiful little children.
  • The traditional songs feature a Burns anti-war tirade (Ye Jacobites by name) and the sadness of emigration (Amelia where you bound to?)
  • Clifton is about war and remembrance sparked by a visit to a village in the north of England.
  • My love song is about an attempt to write one!
  • Brea Hill and The legend of Port Quin are about a favourite area of North Cornwall, though the first gets mixed up with a Rutger Hauer speech.
  • Windhover is about searching for a missing muse.
  • Still here, because we are. There’s always music because there is, and Parting, because we must.